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Firstly, you don’t have to have an altar – some people have a permanent space, others would rather not. There are no rules, so this is for the people who asked! ✨

We are often asked to recommend altar ware for people starting to build their first altar. And we always say that nothing in witchcraft is more important than your own power – your intent and your belief are the most essential things you can bring to your altar. 🙌

But practically speaking, we do have a few suggestions; and we’re not addressing consumable items which are single use, such as candles, herbs, etc. We’re talking about mainstay items which are great, permanent additions to your altar. We’re also not going to cover their uses in certain religions; we like our blog to be fully inclusive for witches of all religions. So here are our altar ware top picks 💗


A cauldron need not be a huge wrought iron affair like you see in the movies (though if you have the space for one, why not?!) it can be any small metal or ceramic fire-proof pot in which you can burn things. Cauldrons can be used for burning loose incense, making infusions/potions, and all kinds of fire magick. There is a certain feeling that comes from using a cauldron; which is not surprising since you are working with ancient traditions.


A wand is traditionally made of wood, but can also be made from crystal, glass, metal etc. They can be as simple as a fallen branch or twig, or an elaborate and ornate carved wand embellished with gemstones – the most important thing is that you feel a connection to your wand. Wands are used to direct your energy when performing spells and rituals. They can also be used to draw magickal symbols and sigils in the air, or on the ground.


A chalice has many uses in witchcraft, it can be used for taking ceremonial drinks (and often a coven will drink from the same chalice to pledge their bond with each other). They can be used for scrying (using the surface of the water as you would a scrying mirror), and also for offerings.

Altar Bell:

Bells are rung to clear your magickal space of negative or stagnant energies, to welcome spirits, or to dismiss them. They are often rung to mark the beginning and end of a ritual.

Altar/Offering Dish:

These can be used not only to make offerings, but to hold herb blends, salt, gemstones, or anything else you will be using in your ritual.

Book of Shadows/Grimoire/Journal:

Whether you are using this to note down any feelings, experiences, spells, rituals, or recipes, or you’re using it to read incantations, chants, or instructions – a book where you can keep all of your significant magickal information is invaluable.

Divination Tools:

Tarot cards, rune stones, oracle cards, pendulums, crystals – these and so much more, can be used for divination, and we personally find divination an important part of the Craft, so we certainly couldn’t create this list without including this as a suggestion!

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