Witch Casket – Anti-Anxiety Charm Bag

You will need:

  • Fennel Seeds (for courage)
  • Lemongrass (for balance)
  • Moonstone (for harmony and calm)
  • Bag/Pouch

This charm bag is best created when you are feeling calm, and at peace – since the energy you put into it is all important. πŸ’«

Blend the fennel seeds and lemongrass together, focusing your intention – to create a calming blend to ease anxiety and decrease stress.

Sit for a while with the moonstone in your hand – feel yourself at peace, and give thanks for the calming energy contained in the stone.

Add the magickal herb blend and the moonstone to the pouch and tie firmly closed. Feel free to add in anything else which you feel is necessary; amulets, affirmations, etc. This is your magick, so don’t be afraid to add your personal touches.

Keep this with you in times of anxiety to draw from its magickal, calming properties. ✨

Brought to you by Witch Casket – The Magickal Monthly Subscription Box πŸŒ™βœ¨

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