Anxiety, Low Self-Esteem….and Magick!

Given that magick works with energy, intent, and belief – on the surface of it, some people might consider that those of us suffering from low self-esteem, anxiety, or other similar issues, maybe not be the best candidates for witchcraft – after all, it takes a strong will and bags of confidence to cast powerful magick…but those people would be wrong.

When performing rituals and casting spells, witches work with their higher selves – their ego is set aside, and their true inner power is what they draw on as they work their magick.

So, while in our everyday life we may feel damaged, or anxious, or weak – our higher-selves transcend our usual everyday limitations and no matter our usual emotional state, we can feel empowered and strong, and our magick can be as potent as anyone’s! 

Grounding ourselves regularly, and being in touch with our higher-selves, is a cathartic and healing practice.

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