Changing your life with Self-Love

Would you treat another person you love, the way you treat yourself?

If the answer is ‘no’, then it’s time to make some changes! 🙌

Do you love yourself? If not, why not? Would that same reason you are using to justify denying yourself love, be a good enough reason for you to stop loving someone else? Doubtful – we are way too tough on ourselves. 💗

  • Didn’t work on that project you are allowing to haunt your every waking moment?
  • Is your home a mess today?
  • Allowed anxiety or depression to rule the day?
  • Feeling guilty over something you can’t change?
  • Feeling sad or frustrated or let-down over something that happened in the past?

The list could be endless – these are just some of the ridiculous reasons we use to beat ourselves down and talk negatively to ourselves, and they are unjustified. If one of our friends was hating on themselves for the exact same reasons, we’d tell them to relax, to take time for themselves, to allow themselves time and not punish themselves. So please, let’s start affording ourselves the same grace. 😌

We are wonderful, magickal, powerful, souls and the way we speak to ourselves, and the way we treat ourselves – how we think of ourselves, is very important. What we imagine, we create, what we think, we manifest. If we imagine ourselves as confident, strong, creative, loveable, passionate souls, who can achieve, overcome, and triumph over all adversity – this is exactly who we are, and we must treat ourselves accordingly. 

Now is the time to make that change. Start to change the way you think about yourself – imagine yourself as your best friend, and take the advice you would give your friend. Take that one small step to self-care. What will make you feel good today? Whether that’s eating your favourite snacks and binging on Netflix, or taking a stroll in nature, or getting dressed up even though you’ve no place to go; whatever it is – do it! And enjoy it, and don’t consider how your time could have been better spent – you deserve it! 🥰

Let go of all of the ‘stuff’ you feel guilty for doing, or not doing, and do what makes you feel good. Because you’d best believe that feeling good about yourself and treating yourself well is the first step to everything else. ✨

Caring for yourself, and empowering yourself in a none-judgmental way is truly the most magickal thing you can do.

So whatever way you decide to spend this day, spend it with kindness. 💖

Why not take a piece of paper and note down any small thing you did to make yourself feel good, fold it, and place it in a jar or container (I hope you can all find a big jar for this!)– make it your mission, over the coming days to fill that jar – and by the time your self-love starts to spill out over the brim of that jar, you will realise what a change it has made to all aspects of your life!  🌸

You will find yourself actually wanting to do all of those things you’ve been putting off, you will have more energy, and more passion, and you’ll start to accomplish so much more, but first things have to come first – YOU have to come first! ✨

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