Cosmic Guidance Oracle Deck – by Annie Tarasova

Those of you who regularly follow my blog posts may be surprised to see me speaking about an oracle deck, since you all know my heart lies with tarot! However, I’ve long been a fan of Annie Tarasova’s Dreamy Moons brand, and I’m an avid collector of her stunning journals.  When she launched this deck, and I saw how breathtaking it was, I had to have it!

I was drawn to the delicate purple tones and silver foil (which is hard to capture on camera, so you can’t know how beautiful these are until you hold them in your hands!) and having ordered them based on their beauty alone, I’m finding them very insightful and easy to work with. 

The basic meaning of each card is on the front, making it super easy to pull a card for daily insight when time is short – but the guide book goes into greater depth about the meaning of each card, and even offers exercises and daily affirmations to help. For example, if you pull the ‘Patience’ card, after the paragraph telling us the full meaning, it offers us exercises to help us with our patience alongside a lovely affirmation. So, the deck not only gives us insight, but offers mindful advice, and I truly adore that Annie took the time to add this extra guidance.

Just like all of the bewitching products in Dreamy Moons’ range, this deck has a quality to it that has to be seen to be believed! The large cards are a superior card stock, and the silver foil is just enough, but not too much! The 99-page guidebook is beautifully written, and doesn’t have the rushed feel that a lot of tarot/oracle guidebooks have. It’s clear that Annie feels very passionately about what she does, it shows in every card, and with every turn of the page.

If anyone would like to own this, and see how gorgeous they are first hand, you can get your own deck (and many other beautiful products) here: Dreamy Moons

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