Creating & Working with Spell Powders

Spell Powders

Creating your powder:

Spell powders are created by taking dry ingredients such as herbs, seeds, sand, dirt etc. – and grinding them together to create a powder which can then be used for spell work. Always use blends that are appropriate for the spell you intend to cast – so dried rose petals work great in a love powder for example. 🌹

As you grind and blend the powder, fill this with your magickal intent and belief; the more you intend and believe in the outcome, the more you infuse that into your powder, the more powerful the powder will be. ✨

Using your powder:

There are many ways to use powders in your spell work – and here are just a few of them: 

Blowing: Place the powder on the palm of your hand, and blow it into the air – if casting a spell for someone (for example a healing spell) even if that person is far away, you should blow in the direction of that person.

Drawing: You can draw with your powder to mark out the circle for rituals, to make magickal patterns or sigils on your altar, or to mark out visually the intentions of a spell. 

Dressing: You can dress many items with spell powder, items such as love letters, business cards, money, applications forms etc.

Wearing: You can wear your powder like a talc (assuming you are not allergic or sensitive to the ingredients used) or add them to charm bags etc…wearing the powder is a very good way of taking the magick with you to important meetings, events, or rituals.

Anointing Oils: You can add the powder to essential oils to combine the energy of the powder with the energy of the oil, making a potent oil for anointing candles, crystals, altar tools, doorframes etc. 

There are so many ways you can incorporate spell powder into your craft, so go with your instincts on the best ways to use your powerful powder! 🙌

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