What is a Crystal Grid? (How to Create and use a Crystal Grid)

Crystal grids are more powerful than using individual crystals. They are made by the intentional placement of stones or crystals in a geometric pattern, for the purpose of directing energy.✨ 

  • Decide on your intention (for example abundance, healing, love, etc.)
  • Find a calm and peaceful place to create your grid
  • Cleanse the space to remove any negative or stagnant energies
  • Place a Master Crystal in the centre of your grid – an obvious choice for this Master Crystal would be a quartz point, pyramid, or tower, since these are known for amplifying and channeling energy; however, you should choose a crystal which speaks to you and which you feel reflects your intentions. This is your crystal grid, and should be created in your own way, so use your own intuition and creativity.
  • Place any crystals you think will help aid you in achieving your intention in a geometric pattern around the Master Crystal (example, rose quartz for love, green aventurine for abundance, amethyst for healing, etc.)
  • Relax and centre yourself. Calmly visualise your goal, and feel gratitude.

The combinations that you are able to create are endless. You can use rough, tumbled, or faceted stones. âœ¨        

Once your grid is complete, it’s time to connect with it, and activate it. Imagine the space filled with light and visualise the energy flowing from crystal, to crystal, to crystal!

Some, like to activate their grid by taking a crystal point and tracing a line connecting all the crystals, some simply visualise; do what feels right for you. 

Connect with your grid regularly, reaffirming intentions, and reactivating the grid. Visualise, and feel gratitude for a positive outcome. Imagine your goal having already been achieved.

Intend and believe. 

At some point your instinct will tell you it’s time to let your grid be, and allow the power of the crystals to work their magick. Ground yourself, give thanks, and carry on with your life as normal.

Once you feel your grid has served its purpose, you can give gratitude, then cleanse all crystals for re-use. ðŸ™ðŸ¼

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