Crystals – Witch Casket Top Picks!

Crystals – Witch Casket’s Top Picks!

We have been asked recently which crystals we would recommend for anyone starting out. So, we decided to cover this in a blog post. We have created a shortlist of our top twelve to help with common issues, using only easy-to-find and relatively inexpensive stones. ✨

  • For Abundance
    Often called ‘The Merchant’s Stone’. Citrine helps with finances, abundance, manifestation, and prosperity. A generous stone; Citrine will allow you to share, but also help to ensure you always have enough for yourself.
  • For Cleansing
    Selenite can be used in a protective grid around your home, as it creates a calm and peaceful atmosphere. It can disperse negative energies, leaving a cleansed and gentle ambience for you to enjoy.
  • For Confidence
    Tiger’s Eye
    A stone of self-worth and charisma, Tiger’s Eye can help you to recognise your finer qualities, and solve any inner conflict you might have, bringing with it a sense of confidence and personal power.
  • For Depression/Stress/Anxiety/Grounding
    Smoky Quartz
    Smoky Quartz will gently neutralise negative energy and vibrations, helping to lift sadness, depression, and anxiety. A stone of emotional balance, it will help you to stay grounded.
  • For Grief
    Lepidolite is known for clearing blockages, reducing obsessive thoughts and over-thinking. It also helps with the grieving process. This stone can reduce stress, aid sleep, and bring emotional healing on a very deep level.
  • For Growth
    Moonstone can open the mind and improve emotional intelligence, this creates the perfect environment for personal growth.
  • For Healing
    Among its many other properties, Amethyst is a natural healer and tranquiliser, it can aid with emotional and physical healing *(should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice)
  • For Love
    Rose Quartz
    Rose Quartz is a stone of love and peace, it promotes the healing of the heart, and helps to attract love of all kinds.
  • For Luck
    Green Aventurine
    A stone of opportunity. Green Aventurine not only attracts luck, but also opens the doors of infinite possibilities.
  • For Mental Focus
    Fluorite aids with organization, memory, and concentration. It is a stone of new ideas, learning, and confidence.
  • For Protection
    Black Tourmaline
    Provides protection from psychic attack, negative energies, ill-wishes, and even electromagnetic ‘smog’. Black Tourmaline clears away all negativity and is a great all-rounder for protection.
  • Special Mention
    Clear Quartz
    Clear Quartz is a stone of power which can amplify any intention, as such it can be used for any purpose, including as a substitute for any of the above.

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