Destiny Deck (The Art of Tarot) – by Lisa Santine

Never has such a delicate looking deck been so powerful! ✨

The Destiny Deck is a standard tarot deck – with the four suits represented as follows:

  • Pentacles 
  • Wands 
  • Swords 
  • Cups 

This deck is based on the Rider Waite Smith in terms of the meanings of the cards, but they look nothing like a traditional deck. The artwork marries intricate geometric designs with stunning symbolism and imagery, and includes astrological, planetary, and elemental associations. All created in a palette of pinks, blues, and subtle gold foil. There are two ‘Goddess cards’ in addition to the expected 78 cards. This is a classy deck with a superior feel to it, and a gorgeous lightly glittered gold edge. ✨

The cards are presented in a beautiful, protective box and are made from a high-quality card-stock, with a velvet finish (which feels just like rose petals!). With a finish like this, fingerprints can often be a problem, but for some reason, this deck is highly resistant to fingerprints, and I haven’t had any problem keeping this in pristine condition.

This deck is easy to read because each card has ‘buzz words’ to help you interpret them, so I’d highly recommend this to inexperienced readers who just want to be able to pick up a deck and have a clue!

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