Witch Casket – Simple Re-Energising Techniques

The list of reasons we can suffer from low energy, is endless, but there are a few ways we can try to combat this. Here are five ways to increase your energy levels, and we really hope you find these useful:

Meditation: We get it! You’re busy, you don’t have the time to meditate, this low energy has set you back far enough without taking the time to meditate! But forcing yourself to soldier on when everything in you is crying out for rest, is the most counterproductive thing you can do! Take a little time, light a candle, play music you enjoy, and allow yourself to just ‘be’. Meditation will raise your vibration, ground you, and increase your energy levels, so it’s time well-spent! Click here for five simple ways to meditate every day.

Gratitude: It’s so easy, especially when you’re feeling low, to find your focus being drawn to the negative. The fact that you feel so low and have low energy, is draining…and this can bring a negative mindset. Overcome this by taking a little time to list the things you are grateful for. These can be small victories, friendships and relationships, or they can be simple things like that perfect cup of coffee you had this morning, or the flowers blossoming in the local park – regardless of how trivial, giving gratitude for what’s going right, for the things you enjoy, will bring a more joyous mindset and re-energise you!

Ground yourself: Grounding is an important way to clear yourself of unwanted energy and bring in clean energy. It’s the perfect way to purge ourselves of negative emotions and re-energise. A simple grounding technique is to stand, preferably barefoot, and feel yourself connecting with the earth. Visualise roots going down from the soles of your feet, deep into the earth, feel clean energy entering you, filling you up, and gently flushing out all the negative energy in its path.

A few other ways to ground yourself are:

  • Being in or around running water, rivers, streams, the ocean, etc.
  • Connecting with nature, plants, crystals, trees etc.
  • Eat or drink and really savour the flavours, be mindful of every mouthful.
  • Cry. It is important to release your emotions freely, to allow yourself to feel, and allow yourself to cry.

Be kind: There is little more rewarding than seeing how your own actions can improve the lives of others, try it and see how your energy levels and happiness improve. Compliment people, smile at them, help those who need it. 🥰

Rest: Sometimes we are feeling low because our bodies and spirits are literally begging us to rest! If you are exhausted, please, please, rest – and do so with no guilt. Know that once you are well-rested you will be productive, but until then you must rest. Caring for yourself as you would care for a loved one is the very best thing you can do to re-energise.

We hope you find these simple techniques helpful, and we send you all our love!

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