Finding yourself – a goal for 2020

We hear it all the time don’t we….” New year, new you” but what if I told you that creating a ‘new you’ were the opposite to what you should be doing? What if I told you that ‘finding you’ – truly knowing yourself, freeing yourself, and feeling comfortable with who you are, is the answer to a brighter future✨

In this relentless world where everyone is so torturously busy just trying to ‘get the job done’, trying to somehow get through from one weekend to the next; in a world where we are often pleasing everyone around us, whilst losing ourselves; it’s almost impossible to imagine taking time to just ‘be’ and discover our own unique spiritual path.

But because so many of us wander away from our spiritual path in the pursuit of things we may not even truly desire, we become lost and unhappy or frustrated. 

Living in an increasingly materialistic and image-based world, being happy with oneself is almost an act of rebellion! So how do we achieve this? How do we know which path to walk to find ourselves? After all, everyone’s path is different.

The simple answer here is that we have to quieten the buzz of everyday life, in order to find our authentic selves…and we must stop comparing ourselves with others! 🥰

Giving yourself time is the most important thing you can do for yourself – and spending that time in whatever way you please, WITHOUT JUDGING YOURSELF is the best way to find your path. If you take a day, and all you want to do is sleep; then sleep! And don’t waken thinking “Oh crap! I’ve wasted today, I was supposed to be finding myself” – if your body and soul are asking for sleep, then sleep. If you want to spend hours in the bath surrounded by candles and soft music – that is NOT a waste of time, that is you feeding your soul, and soothing your body and spirit.

I mean, we’re witches, right? So, we are all about energy and positivity, and yet here we are beating ourselves up 24/7 for not having the energy to be positive…and not ever allowing ourselves to recharge without then wearing ourselves out with guilt afterwards! ❤️

So, my beautiful witches, go into 2020 resolving to sleep when you need to sleep, pamper yourself when you need to be pampered, dance when you need to dance, read when you feel the urge, find what you need to do to be happy, and do it; feed your soul and free your authentic self! 🙌

I’m often asked to recommend books on witchcraft, and my answer is always the same: either read nothing, or read everything, and then do what feels right to you. No one book has the answer, because that’s just one person’s experience of their own path; and it’s great that we can take inspiration from others, but it’s very important that we know there is no right or wrong way to practise our craft – each person’s practise SHOULD be different to everyone else’s because WE are all different. But one thing I know for sure is that self-love, knowing we deserve a high level of self-care and not depriving ourselves of it, is where it all begins. 💖💫

So, I go into 2020 promising myself kindness – in caring for myself, and nourishing my soul, I am ensuring I have more to give in every aspect of my life. My spiritual path is important to me, so I will practise my craft as often as I feel the need, because this is how I will grow and become more powerful and energised. In rest, in self-care, and in my craft, I will free myself to face any challenge that comes my way. 

Who’s with me?!

Deb ❤️

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