Five Magickal Tips for the New Moon! 

The new moon signifies new beginnings and is the perfect time to plant the seeds of what you would like to manifest. The new moon is the time to begin new projects and initiate positive life changes! 🌙💫

Candle magick: 

The perfect way to set your intention. Light up the darkest night with a candle, and meditate on what you’d like to manifest. Imagine those things already being with you – feel thankful and grateful that they are on their way. As the candle burns, imagine your message going up into the universe, and the powers of the universe now conspiring with you to manifest your dreams and goals. Allow the candle to burn out on its own, or if you really need to extinguish it, snuff it out – never blow it out.  🕯

Make a start: 

Now is the time to start something new! If you’ve been putting off a new project, or a yoga class, or a new healthy eating plan, the new moon is the perfect time to actually start down the path that leads to your goals. You’ve heard of new year’s resolutions – each month we also have the opportunity to consider our new moon resolutions too! 

Jot that down: 

Make a list of everything you wish to achieve as the moon waxes, set those intentions and then carefully and steadfastly work through your list as we head toward the full moon…with no thought of failure. 

Overhaul your magickal space: 

The new moon is a great time to make a fresh start with your magickal space! Clean it, tidy it, and cleanse it of any negative/old energy and prepare for fresh, new magick! ✨

It’s ritual time: 

Whether it’s creating a new crystal grid, taking a cleansing ritual bath, spiritually cleansing your home – try to make some time for magick! ⭐️

By Witch Casket – The magickal monthly subscription box 🌙✨

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