Forest of Enchantment Tarot– by Lunaea Weatherstone and Meraylah Allwood

I got this deck because I saw one beautiful, serene image of a woman curled up in nature, surrounded by rabbits – and it just cried out to me! So, on the sight of that one card, the deck was mine, and I can’t say the other images have done anything to dampen my enthusiasm for the deck. 💗✨

The four expected suits have been renamed as follows:

  • Pentacles – Boons
  • Wands – Spells
  • Swords – Challenges
  • Cups – Visions 

The Enchanted Forest depicted in these cards is just that, it’s a magickal place filled with witches, wizards, fairies, delightful animals, and more – and of course, there are lessons to be learned as we stroll through this enchanted woodland, and those lessons are taught to us not by The Fool, The Magician, The High Priestess etc… but by The White Hart, The Enchanter, The Wisewoman…the traditional major arcana having been reimagined and for the most part, replaced.

The detail in the artwork is stunning, each card feels like a stand-alone work of art – the natural colours remind me of the Lord of The Rings, bursting with vibrant greens, yellows, and browns. 🌿🍂

The deck is presented in a large box, with a very detailed 288-page guide book, which has each card being explained fully as if telling a story of the myths and legends of the characters depicted. This means that if this is your first deck, the meanings are more likely to resonate and be remembered once the book is set aside. For experienced readers the meanings of the cards are not dissimilar to their Rider Waite Smith counterpart, so this will be an easily interchangeable deck. 

The cards have a gloss finish, which is not so glossy that it causes them to slide too much when shuffled, and are very nice to handle.🙌

I couldn’t find a direct link to purchase this directly from the artist (which is my preference) but a quick google search will pull up online stockists.

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