How do I Know if I’m a Witch?

You may have been wondering when it is appropriate to start referring to yourself as a witch; how do you actually know if you are a witch?

There are several signs and characteristics which can suggest you are a witch. ✨

Feeling a close bond to nature and Mother Earth; Do you feel at home, and ‘more connected’ and ‘grounded’ outdoors, in nature? Do you feel calmer and more at peace in the forest, or near the ocean, surrounded by the sights, scents, and sounds of nature? 🌿

Perhaps you have great intuition? You may have good or bad feelings about people with no real reason – just a gut instinct, and find you’re always right – or you think about someone moments before they call – or you predict outcomes and find your ‘gut’ always leads you down the right path. These are all signs of a heightened psychic awareness. 💫

Witches often find they have a kinship with animals, and feel they can communicate with them on a spiritual level – they have a divine understanding of them; and often one or more special animals or pets feels like a soul-mate, or ‘familiar’. 

Maybe you are wise and people often come to you for advice. You are known for your wisdom, insight, and problem-solving. You can understand people, often on a deeper level than they understand themselves. 

Do you have empathy; can you pick up on people’s emotions or energies?

Witches can feel ‘charged’ by, lightning, thunder, windstorms, or any other dramatic changes in weather. ⚡️

Do you find yourself ‘collecting’ when out in nature? Maybe you are drawn to stones, or twigs, or leaves – you may be collecting witch’s tools by instinct, not yet knowing how useful they can be! 🍂

But probably the most important thing of all is if you believe that the entire world and everything in it is made of ‘energy’, and that you can use your own energy to affect change in your life; that your own intent and belief, when coupled with practical hard work, can manifest any dream or goal you may have. 💗

There’s no right or wrong here – if you believe yourself to be a witch, then chances are, you are one. If you share some of the traits above, chances are you are, or can become, a powerful witch; and you can proudly wear that title! ❤️

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