Know the Truth – Intuition Ritual

For those times when your gut instinct tells you that you are not being told the truth, but you can’t be certain exactly what that truth is, here’s a simple ‘Know the Truth – Intuition Ritual’ to give you insight, and bring clarity.

You will need:

• Yarrow
• Mugwort
• White Spell Candle

Blend the yarrow and mugwort together, clockwise, while setting your intention: to become more intuitive and instinctively know the truth.

Light the white candle and place your herb blend in a circle, clockwise, around the base of the candle. As the candle burns state the following:

“Free my mind and open my eyes
Let no vision be fogged by pride
Third eye open, the truth to see
As I will it, so mote it be”

Sit quietly and meditate as the candle burns down.
Once your meditation is over trust in your instincts, visions and dreams.

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