‘Know Your Worth’ Confidence Spell

If you have been feeling anxious, depressed, or have been suffering from low self esteem, here’s a spell which can remind you just how amazing you are! 💗✨ (though we always advise seeking professional advice if you feel you need it)

You will need:

A small yellow candle
Bergamot essential oil
A mirror
A paper and pen

Sit in front of the mirror, see not just your outer reflection, but your inner soul-beauty too. Remember times in your life when you have felt accomplished, and write reminders of these – maybe you created something wonderful, or helped a friend through a bad experience…anything positive you can remember, write it down. As you write, relive how you felt in those times of accomplishment. Note down your positive personality traits (I am driven, I am focused, I am kind…anything about you that you consider to be a positive attribute)

Anoint the candle with bergamot oil and light it. As it burns meditate on all those wonderful things you’ve just written down. Start to really feel positive and happy with yourself YOU ARE INCREDIBLE! 🙌

Once your meditation is over, anoint your wrists and forehead with the uplifting bergamot oil (assuming you have no allergy preventing this, and always dilute it first) and repeat the following:

“I see my value, I know my worth
I am confident and strong
I shine my light upon this earth
Anxiety be gone”

Whenever you feel anxious or down, re-read those affirmations, anoint yourself with the oil, and feel your confidence returning. 🥰

Did you know, we include complete spell/ritual kits in our Witch Caskets each month – with everything you need in one handy kit. 🌙✨

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