The Lovely Omens Tarot by Keely Parks ✨

It’s not very often I choose a deck based on its aesthetic value – but I can’t lie, this deck didn’t speak to me in the way most of my other decks did – but the slick, contemporary design of The Lovely Omens Tarot grabbed my attention and I NEEDED to try them! 💗

This is a standard 78 card tarot deck – with the four suits represented as follows:

  • Pentacles – cats
  • Wands – wands
  • Swords – swords
  • Cups – cute little teacups and mugs

The Lovely Omens Tarot is what’s commonly known as ‘a pip deck’ meaning only the Major Arcana and Court Cards are illustrated and the rest of the cards are standard images (the two of swords will show two swords, the three of swords will show three swords etc.) This means that in order to read them you need a good basic knowledge of what each card in tarot represents.

I find pip decks easy to read, however, I like to use my intuition when reading and I prefer that each card has more ‘depth’ to it, I love decks where I can hone in on what’s ‘hidden’ in their imagery, rather than stick to what I feel is a more regimented way of reading. (See my blog post on The Deviant Moon Tarot to better understand my intuitive method of reading) 

Regardless, The Lovely Omens Tarot is a striking deck, and the illustrations on the major arcana are scrumptious! (A point to note here are there are no males represented in the deck, the pages and knights are all depicted female, the kings are represented by objects, and The Emperor is a beautiful black cat.) Aesthetically it doesn’t lack anything for being a pip deck though, even the suit cards are beautiful! 🙌

While I may not use these cards for every day reading, I do occasionally feel drawn to reading with them, and I have found the readings to be accurate, so I have no complaints about them at all.

This is a great, high quality, well-presented deck. The stunning modern imagery is printed on high quality card stock, and the box is of a beautiful high quality. 

You can get yourself this unique, modern tarot deck by clicking here

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