Nicoletta Ceccoli Tarot

This imaginative 78 card tarot deck is reminiscent of children’s storybooks; the whimsical artwork is unique and dreamy and a little bit melancholy.

The suits are as follows:

Cups, Swords, Wands, and Discs.

Using a muted palette, the surreal imagery is breath-taking – there is no doubt that Nicoletta Ceccoli is a talented artist, but how does the work hold up when transformed into a tarot deck?

Well, given that this is actually a stunning collection of the artist’s works, which have been ‘shoe-horned’ into a tarot deck, these cards do not follow the standard Rider Waite meanings as many decks do. Luckily the deck includes a guide book with a brief overview of each card. In some cases though, it feels like the meaning has been created to justify the chosen artwork, and in other cases, the meaning given in the guidebook doesn’t seem to relate to the imagery very much at all. In fact, I found myself casting the guide book aside and just reading the cards intuitively; and this gave me better results than going ‘by the book’.

In truth, this magickal deck drew me in because of its quirky, nonsensical, and unconventional qualities; and I chose to read it in an unconventional way, and this works for me!

The deck is printed on a nice quality card stock with a light gloss finish, it shuffles well, and the reverse pictures leaves and red berries.

This deck is a stunning collection of artworks which is best suited to experienced intuitive readers, or tarot collectors.

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