Recipe! Anti-Anxiety Salts

Subscribers are still asking about our Witch Casket Exclusive Anti-Anxiety Salts from our very first Witch Casket three years ago! We are so happy to know that our special blend of salts and oils has helped many of you through some tough times โ€“ and weโ€™d love to share this simple, yet effective recipe with you all!

You will need:

  • A small bottle
  • Equal parts Epsom salt and sea salt
  • A few drops of pure ylang ylang essential oil (healing and calming)
  • A few drops of pure lavender essential oil (soothing and healing)
  • A few drops of pure bergamot essential oil (confidence and courage)

At a time when you are feeling at ease โ€“ take time to blend the salts and oils together, giving thanks for their magickal properties. โœจ

Keep them sealed in their bottle until you feel you need their calming powers.

These can be used as a smelling salt, or a relaxing, anti-anxiety bath salt* โœจ

*Always be mindful of allergies

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