Simple Ways to Add Magick to your Daily Life

While we don’t always have the time for elaborate spells and rituals, it’s surprisingly easy to incorporate your craft into your everyday life by making a few simple changes. The ways you can do this are endless – but here are just a few simple ways to add magick to your daily life:

Set intentions
When you wake up in the morning, take a little time to visualise how you’d like your day to go. Set your intentions. Setting clear intentions is the first step to reaching any goal!

Empower yourself
Speak kindly to yourself, affirm all of your great qualities regularly, big yourself up! Make yourself feel good. Too often we empower those around us, without taking the time to empower ourselves; yet this can be the most important thing we can do to add magick to our day!

Wear colours to match your intentions
Dress mindfully and wear clothes or accessories to match with your intentions. If you need to break bad habits, or banish negativity, wear black. If you’d like to attract good fortune, add something green, etc.

Cleanse your space
Do a simple smoke cleansing using incense, or cleanse by ringing bells to dispel any stagnant energies; however you choose to cleanse, this can be a quick and easy way to raise the vibration in your home and make you feel more grounded and connected.

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Read books about the craft
Reading books is an act of self-care, it is time taken just for yourself, and is always good for you. In reading about the craft, you are expanding your knowledge while also taking some much-needed time just for you!

Use sigils
Sigils can be used anywhere! Draw them with face cream as part of your daily routine, or in the steam from your shower, add them to plant pots, stir them into your food and drinks, incorporate them into your crafts, etc.

Carry crystals
Each crystal has its own unique vibration and energy; each cell in the human body also has its own energy, and when a crystal is brought close to the body, sensitive people can feel the energies from the crystal, and this can help to bring their own energy into balance. Choose a crystal which you feel can help with any issues you are facing.

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Write in your Grimoire/Book of Shadows
Whatever you call yours, these books are a place for you to inscribe your successful spells, recipes, rituals, etc. and all the valuable information, thoughts, and ideas you gather as you travel your path. Hand written books have the added advantage of actually holding power and energy in their pages! It’s good practice to approach your book when you are feeling happy and relaxed, and ensure the energy put into your words is the energy you’d like to feel each time the pages are opened!

Light candles and set intentions
Candle magick can be as simple as lighting a candle and setting an intention. There doesn’t have to be a whole ritual worked around this – a simple white candle and a firmly set intention can still be powerful magick!

Useful Link: Candle Magick

Make witches’ brews and bath potions
Add magick to your tea or your bath water by using herbs that work with your intention. As an example, a nice jasmine and rose tea can become a love brew, or can be added to a ritual bath for love.

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