Tarot Cards – 2 – The High Priestess




The High Priestess represents knowledge, intuition, wisdom, and insight. 

When The High Priestess shows in a reading she’s there to tell you that you are in a place where you can access the deep instinctual knowledge that comes from within. The answers you seek are already there, inside you – this is not a time to rationalise, but rather a time to trust your deepest ‘knowing’. Your intuition and physic abilities are at their strongest right now, so trust them.

The High Priestess can also signify that you need to show more empathy, compassion, and understanding – don’t think, feel. 

A card of mystery The High Priestess urges you to keep private matters private and make decisions without outside influences.


In reverse, The High Priestess warns that you are not listening to your inner-self, you are unable to trust your instincts and are fearful of the opinion of others.

Due to the mysterious nature of The High Priestess, seeing her in reverse can also mean that gossip is at play – and she can be a warning that someone is keeping secrets. Honest communication is recommended. ✨

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