Tarot Cards – 3 – The Empress




The Empress represents femininity, nature, growth, abundance, nurturing and creative expression. 

When The Empress shows up in a reading it’s a sure sign to look around you and appreciate how far you’ve come, feel gratitude for the abundance that surrounds you, and build on this further to achieve your dreams.

Connect with nature, and take energy from your surroundings – the lake, the forest, the beach…spend time breathing in the energy from mother nature and allow that to energise you and motivate you. 🌿

The Empress can also represent pregnancy or birth – and this can be a literal birth, or the birth of creative ideas, projects, etc. It is a time to nurture your children (be they metaphoric children or actual children) they need your attention right now!


In reverse, The Empress tells that you have lost your connection with mother nature and need to work on reconnecting – or you are neglecting yourself in some other way – it’s a time for self-love, and self-appreciation. 😌🙏🏼

Reversed, she can also tell of a creative block – something you need to push through, so she encourages you to keep creating – even if it isn’t your best work, you need to work through this! 💗

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