Tarot Cards – 4 – The Emperor




The Emperor represents authority, a father figure, structure, discipline, wisdom. ✨

When The Emperor shows up in a reading it can signify that you are taking the lead, you are protecting and providing for your family/friends and have become someone they rely on (maybe too heavily?) ❤️

The Emperor can also suggest that you should be ensuring you are given respect and are appreciated for all that you do.

Furthermore, you can and should take on board the opinions and advice of others, but ultimately, right now, the final decision should be your own, The Emperor is not a card of compromise, he’s telling you to take charge and be master of your own destiny! 

For problem solving or career questions, he says that you need to be more disciplined and organised and use your wisdom and common sense to systematically solve any issues. 


In reverse, The Emperor can tell you that there is an issue with power – so either you need to step up and take the lead instead of shrinking away from the issues at hand.  Or maybe you need to step into the limelight and stop letting someone else steal your thunder, 

Alternatively, he can tell you that you are being too stubborn and domineering. 

It’s time to look at your personal power and see what’s going awry! 

By Witch Casket – The Magical Monthly Subscription Box 🌙✨

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