Tarot Cards – 5 – The Hierophant




The Hierophant represents wisdom, religion, conformity, advice, tradition. 

When The Hierophant shows in a reading this tells you that before you make choices, you should take advice from, or learn from, a teacher or mentor. Be sure to make your decisions having learnt all you can first – don’t rush in!

This card can also suggest that you are following the conventional path and do not feel ready to go out on a limb, or think outside of the box; but that’s okay because right now, following the normal principles will bring more success than trying to be unique, or innovative. 

When you see this card, consider surrounding yourself with people who share the same religion, passion, or beliefs as yourself so that you may learn from each other.


In reverse, you no longer need the approval or advice of others, it’s time to think for yourself and stop trying to fit in. You should challenge anything that feels stagnant or ‘typical’ and find freedom in making your own rules and following your own path.

It’s time to look at the people around you. Do they align with your own beliefs and values, or do they stifle and restrict you? 

In some circumstances, The Hierophant can suggest there may be a conflict with someone in authority.

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