Tarot Cards – 6 – The Lovers




The Lovers represent meaningful connections, love, and harmony – they advise us to open up honestly to each other, and bare our souls! This card tells us that by communicating with each other, and connecting on a soul level, we can have the foundations for a long-lasting relationship built on authenticity, openness, and trust. 🙌

If you are at the start of a new relationship, The Lovers are a good sign that if you to look beyond the excitement and lust, there can be a more meaningful connection. 🙏🏼

The Lovers is about achieving balance in relationships, ensuring that each party empowers the other. It’s time to figure out what’s important in your relationship and ensure that there is compatibility on many levels.

The Lovers are here to remind you to find balance, harmony, and truth in any situation. So, they can show up in questions surrounding work, home life, friendships, or any other aspect of life. The Lovers is always a reminder that potential is there if you can find a balance. ⚖️


In contrast, The Lovers in reverse may signify that you are not well-connected right now, and that there are challenges in relationships. This is a time to revaluate a particular relationship and see if you can bring harmony to it, or whether it might be best to move on. It’s a card of tough decisions, ones with substantial consequences, and all you can do is respect and honour your own values and make whatever decision you know to be right.

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