The Dark Mansion Tarot (Regular Edition)

The Dark Mansion Tarot is a stunning card deck based on the Rider Waite deck – but this is by no means a simple clone. This deck is beautifully illustrated and has an amazing vibe to it. It reminds me a lot of Tim Burton, and that’s no bad thing! It’s a whimsical deck but it’s crammed with meaning and has a real heart to it. It’s printed on a nice, thick card-stock, and matt laminated so easy to shuffle….and the black matt edging is a classy finishing touch. 🖤✨

This is a standard tarot deck – with the four suits represented as follows:

  • Pentacles 
  • Wands 
  • Swords 
  • Cups 

This isn’t a pip deck – meaning that it isn’t just the court cards which are well-thought-out and illustrated, but each and every card has a real story to it. It is similar in imagery and symbolism to the Rider Waite making this deck a great read for those already familiar with Rider Waite style decks, and it is illustrated with such depth that it makes for great, intuitive readings. ✨

The cards are presented in a gorgeous, sturdy, box, which protects the cards very well – and this is just the regular edition! You can also get a limited edition which comes in stunning wooden box and has a branded tarot pouch too. Though the cards themselves, I cannot imagine being any higher in quality than the regular edition, since these already have a high-end feel to them. 

The Dark Mansion Tarot is also available with different edging and backs; I got the blue back and black edging…and I won’t lie, the collector in my is twitching! 🤗

This is a great, high quality, well-presented deck that’s a wonderful read, and I’d highly recommend it to beginners and experienced readers alike. I have a lot of tarot deck and this one is in my top ten so far! 🙌

By Witch Casket – the magical monthly subscription box 🌙✨

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