Why Choose Witch Casket?

With so many choices for witches these days, we think it’s important to let everyone know why we think Witch Casket is special, and why we hope it will be everyone’s first choice for magickal content! Although other boxes may emulate Witch Casket, there is only one subscription box created by us, and we hope you will agree, that what Witch Casket offers, sets us apart from any other box!

Family Business
Witch Casket is a family business, so that means when you subscribe you are helping a family to support itself by doing something they love and feel passionately about – and we are so grateful for every single subscription and store order which helps us to spread our magick across the globe!

Dedicated Casket Care Team
Our Casket Care Team is made up of our family and very best friends, so as well as being experienced in customer care, and great at what they do – they really care about ensuring our subscribers have the best possible Witch Casket Experience.

Exclusive Items
When we say our items are exclusive, we really mean it – it’s not simply an item from a wholesaler packaged in Witch Casket packaging – it’s a magickal product, designed and made exclusively for our subscribers, and one you won’t find elsewhere.

Cruelty Free & Vegan Friendly
Witch Casket is run by vegans, so you can be assured that when we say our contents are vegan friendly, this is true – we would never include a product which was tested on animals, or derived from animal products.

Eco Packaging – Ethically Sourced
All our packaging is eco-friendly. From our biodegradable magickal mailer, to our packing chips which protect your items in transit (these are made of corn starch and dissolve in water). Not only this, but we don’t include any single use plastics in our Caskets.

One Tree Planted for Each Casket Sold
Many companies claim to plant trees for every order, but Witch Casket proves it – we send monthly updates showing exactly how many trees we’ve planted, and you can read all about it on the ‘Forest’ page of our website.

Exclusive Emporium Access
Subscribers receive exclusive access to our online Emporium where they can shop for bewitching past Casket items.

Monthly Enchanting Extras
Our subscriptions include monthly digital download bundles. Our exclusive monthly bundles are made up of Book of Shadows pages, video tutorials, IG Highlight Covers, Phone wallpapers, etc.

Authentic Magickal Content
While other subscription boxes say they are created by witches, they don’t often introduce you to the witches behind the spells and rituals – and sadly, there is nothing to say that their spells are not simply copied from a book, or found somewhere online. Our spells and rituals are curated by Deb, co-founder of Witch Casket.

An experienced and respected witch, Deb regularly writes features for Witches Magazine, has written for Kindred Spirit, Spirit & Destiny, Witchology, etc. Newspapers and magazines have often approached Deb as an authority on witchcraft when writing features on the subject.

She was a resident tarot reader in Eye of Newt in the historic city of York, before she and Ella opened their own magick shop, Practical Magick, in Mother Shipton’s home town of Knaresborough – the store specialised in magick spells, crystals, altar ware, and general witchcraft supplies, the shop’s reputation, Deb & Ella’s knowledge of their products, and Deb’s tarot reading expertise meant that witches would often travel from overseas to visit – it was from this enchanting little shop, that Witch Casket was born.

As you can see, there is no questioning the authenticity, value, and magick found in each and every Witch Casket. If you have not yet experienced Witch Casket for yourself, we would love nothing more, than to welcome you to the Witch Casket family.
Our Casket Care team, is standing by on info@witchcasket.co.uk to help new and existing subscribers, or to answer any questions you may have.

Brought to you by Witch Casket – The Magickal Monthly Subscription Box 🌙✨

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