Witch Casket Floral and Herbal Grimoire Cards

We designed and created the Floral Grimoire Card for our June 2020 Witch Casket and such was this deck’s popularity that we decided to restock the item in our store, and also to create a magickal Herbal Grimoire Card deck in a contrasting silver and black colour-way, using one of our most popular aesthetics.

Each card depicts a flower or herb and tells of its magickal properties, and how this flower or herb can be used in our Craft. As well as being a great source of information, these cards can be used in our practice to represent the plants’ individual qualities in our magickal space. They can be incorporated in spells and rituals, or added to your Grimoire/Book of Shadows. ✨ 

They can also be used as a divination aid: pull a card each day to see what needs your focus right now. 🙌

These cards were created using very high quality, thick, and durable card stock, foiled (Gold for the Floral Grimoire Cards and Silver for the Herbal Grimoire Cards) and have a beautiful gilt edging. These small decks are the perfect size to carry with you for divination on-the-go.

Informative, powerful, and insightful, these little decks are something we are very, very proud of. 🔮✨

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