We all know how wonderful it is to find that perfect item for our magickal space, and I’m sure we all admire other people’s stunning altars – but it really is possible to create a beautiful altar and practice the craft on a very low budget! 🙌

A quick walk through the woods can give us an abundance of gifts! A perfectly formed piece of branch or twig can be collected and used as a wand for focusing and directing your energy. You can decorate this, or leave it as nature intended; always use items that call to you, and feel free to experiment!

Be mindful that things ordinarily thrown away can have great uses in magick! For example, you can clean out coconut shells to use as altar bowls, orange peel can be dried and used in fertility or love spells – and can be added to any spell to represent the sun’s energy…in terms of magickal spell ingredients, always be mindful that you are not discarding something that could be useful!

Many things which are readily available in our homes and gardens have powerful magickal properties!

Here’s a quick list of just a few of the items commonly found in our homes which can be used in ritual baths, spells, teas, rituals, charm bags, etc. 🌿

 (be cautious if you have allergies!)

  • Bay Leaves –Psychic Powers, Healing, Protection, Purification
  • Carrot – Fertility and Sex Drive
  • Camomile – Love, Sleep, Money
  • Chili Pepper – Love, Fidelity and Hex Breaking
  • Cumin – Protection, Fidelity and Exorcism.
  • Fennel – Protection and Healing
  • Ginger – Love, Money and Success
  • Grass – Psychic Powers and Protection.
  • Lavender – Love, Sleep, Purification, Peace and Happiness.
  • Lettuce – Chastity, Sleep, Divination and Love
  • Lime – Healing, Protection and Love
  • Nettle – Banish negativity and unwanted spirits
  • Parsley –protects against drunkenness and increases strength, vitality and passion
  • Thyme – Strength and Courage
  • Walnut – Abundance

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