This is what it contained:

  • Intuition Deck and Dice (Witch Casket Exclusive)
  • Carved Amethyst Intuition Stone (Witch Casket Exclusive)
  • The Art of Divination Book by Deb Robinson (Witch Casket Exclusive)
  • Magickal Key (Witch Casket Exclusive)
  • Third Eye Bath/Shower Ritual Kit (Witch Casket Exclusive)
  • Crystal Ball Enamel Pin (Witch Casket Exclusive)
  • A Guide to your Third Eye – Parchment Scroll (Witch Casket Exclusive)
  • Marbled Green Soy Wax Altar Candle (Witch Casket Essentials)
  • Prophetic Dreams Jasmine Tea (Witch Casket Essentials)
  • Wick Trimmer (Witch Casket Essentials)
  • Witch Casket Exclusive ‘Intuition’ Art Print

….and a gift from us, Wooden Pentacle Display.

All spells and rituals are created by Witch Casket’s co-founder, Deb, an experienced, practising witch, exclusively for Witch Casket.