This is what it contained:

• Calming Aura Spray and Elemental Atomiser Kit (Witch Casket Exclusive)
• Elemental Altar Bowl (Witch Casket Essentials)
• Glass Potion Bottle in Elemental Pouch (Witch Casket Exclusive)
• Elemental Incense – Water (Witch Casket Exclusive)
• Sodalite Tumbled Stone & Info Card
• Water Element Enamel Pin (Witch Casket Exclusive)
• Elemental Tea Blend – Water (Witch Casket Essentials)
• Blue Mallow Flower (Witch Casket Essentials)
• Calm Confidence Ritual Kit (Witch Casket Exclusive)
• The Element of Water in Magick – Parchment Scroll (Witch Casket Exclusive)
• Potion Witch Starter Kit – Art Print by Marie Kattner!

All spells and rituals are created by Witch Casket’s co-founder, Deb, an experienced, practising witch, exclusively for Witch Casket.

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