Cleanse and Protect your Home

It’s so important to feel safe in your own home, it’s where you go to shut out the world and have your own little sanctuary. When you feel an imbalance in your home, it’s hard to feel relaxed! Here are a few tips to help ward off any negativity and cleanse your property


Burning incense sticks/cones around your home can help cleanse and protect your space. We recommend cinnamon, frankincense and sandalwood.

Witch Bells:

Hang small bells on your door to protect from negative energy and evil spells/hexes.


Keep crystals on your windowsills and by your doors to help protect your home and cleanse the energy of anybody entering. Black tourmaline, amethyst, labradorite and quartz all work great!

Magickal protective wash:

Create a floor wash with spiritual water (for example: moon water) and protective herbs. Gather a large pot, place inside protective herbs of your choosing (sandalwood, nettle, basil and rosemary would work perfectly). Add the water, simmer until it’s rich in colour. Strain and place the water into a bowl or bottle. You can add in any fragrances now. You may wish to dilute with clean water, as some herbs may stain.  You can then cleanse your floors, windowsills, door frames, window frames, altar, etc). If you have carpeted floors, you can place the water into a spritzer bottle and distribute that way. This will cleanse and protect your home.


You can write sigils onto your door with the wash you created. Focus on your intent and know it will protect your home.


Plant protective herbs and flowers in your gardens to ward off negativity! You can also use potted plants by your doors or on windowsills!

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