Witch Casket – Simple House Blessing/Cleansing

Simple House Blessing/Cleansing

  • Clean and declutter – remove anything from your home which you feel gives off negative energy and surround yourself with things which have a positive feel to them.
  • Open all windows and doors and let the light and fresh air flood in!
  • Don’t forget to open all closets and drawers so you can be sure you have cleansed every space.
  • When walking around your rooms, always start at the top of your home and work down – and walk counter clockwise through each room (since counter clockwise is the direction used to banish unwanted energy.)
  • There are several incenses, herbs, or resins you can use depending on your desired results – here are some examples:
    • Lavender – calming and protecting – will attract peace and love
    • Dragon’s Blood – Banishing and protecting
    • Peppermint – Purifies, calms, and heals
    • Sandalwood – Protects and heals – will attract serenity and peace
    • Frankincense – Protects and attracts good fortune
    • Cedar – Protects, purifies, and heals
  • As you burn your chosen incense/herb/resin – walk counter clockwise through each room from top to bottom, blowing the smoke carefully into each corner and every cupboard, as you do so, state your intention (feel free to use your own words, or those below)
    “Negative energies leave this space, love and light, take its place”
  • Once your cleansing ritual is complete, close all windows and doors and as you do so, again, state your intent:
    “Only good may cross through here, my space remains light and clear”

Your space is now cleansed!

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