Cord Cutting Ritual

If you feel somehow tied to a negative relationship, bad habits, a person, situation, or emotion which is draining, and no longer serves you – a cord cutting ritual may be able to help. 🕯✨

Sometimes we connect energetically with things, addictions, and people. This magickal ritual can help you to disconnect and sever the ties that are holding you back. This can help to banish fear, and release attachment and resentment so you can move on with your life, unshackled.

Someone recently asked us how they can get a toxic person to leave them. It is important to say that if you find yourself in a harmful or toxic relationship, though this ritual may empower you, and give you the courage to move on, it should not be relied on. If you are in a situation which is toxic and harmful, please take whatever practical measures and advice you can, to get away as swiftly and safely as possible. Call on the authorities for help if you are in real danger.

That said, if you simply want help to energetically detach yourself from someone or something, so that you can be empowered to move on, then this ritual can help you.

This ritual should be done with no malice to anyone. Your intention here should never be harm, only to sever ties.

You will need:

  • A fireproof plate or tray
  • Two black candles (in holders)
  • A length of string or twine

At a time when you are feeling peaceful and calm, cleanse yourself and your space in whatever way aligns with your practice.

Stand your candles on the fireproof tray, a couple of inches apart. Tie them together with the string (see photo example.) Do this with the intention that one candle represents you, the other represents the person/emotion/thing you are separating yourself from.

Light the candles and state the following:

“As the cord is cut and the candles burned
I cut all ties with that for which I yearned
I release what no longer serves me
As I will it, so mote it be”

Sit and meditate as the candles burn and the cord is cut, and visualise your energetic attachment to the person/emotion/thing being cut. Feel yourself becoming detached, empowered and able to move on without this in your life.

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