Witch Casket Spells and Rituals – Courage Ritual

Here’s a simple ritual for you to perform when you feel overwhelmed and in need of courage 💗

You will need

  • Pencil/Pen & Paper
  • Sharp object (such as a needle or similar)
  • Black (or white) candle
  • Fire resistant dish

Note down on a piece of paper, the things you fear, the negative emotions you feel, everything you would like to banish.

Take something sharp and etch sigils, symbols, etc. into the candle, that represent courage to you.

Light the banishing black candle (you can use white as a substitute if you don’t have black).

In a fire-proof dish, burn the paper using the flame from the black candle to light it.

As the paper burns chant the following:

“Flames to make my fear choke

All my doubts go up in smoke

Courage fills my heart instead

Bravery replaces dread”

Meditate on the black candle as it burns down, and feel yourself letting go of your fears and anxieties. ✨

Take the ashes outside and bury them to signify that you’ve buried your fear!

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