Five Simple Ways to Meditate Every Day

Breathing Meditation

Keeping in mind that longer exhales are calming, and longer inhales are energising โ€“ spend a while focusing on your breathing. To energise yourself ensure your inhales are longer than your exhales, and for relaxing and calming yourself, ensure your exhales are longer than your inhales.

Dancing meditation

Put on some music and dance! Dance free of your ego โ€“ let yourself be moved only by the rhythm of the music, yell, shout, jump, whatever feels good! In doing this you can achieve a euphoric meditative state โ€“ where your mind is free and you have surrendered entirely to the music!

Gazing meditation

Find a natural object to focus your gaze on, this could be a tree, or a flower, or a flame โ€“ fix your gaze on this object and clear your mind of all else โ€“ slowly achieving a meditative state of natural relaxation.

Slow pace meditation

Often, we are so rushed, we donโ€™t have time to recharge โ€“ try slowing everything down to half speed. Shower slowly, walk at a slower pace, eat slowly and thoughtfully โ€“ slow down everyday tasks; focus only on what you are doing, and do it mindfully.

Standing meditation

In todayโ€™s modern world, we rarely take the time to stand still. Stand with good, straight posture, with feet facing forward shoulder width apart, and mentally scan through your body from top to toe releasing tension as you go, focus only on your body โ€“ this need only take a few minutes but is a great way to ground yourself and start your day free from stress and tension.

We hope these simple acts of mindful mediation can make your days more joyous! ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ

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