Making and Using Moon Water

How to make moon water:

(Best results on a full moon, but not essential!)

  1. Fill a container with water. We use jars, since you can seal the lid (very important if you plan on adding to drinks).
  2. Place the jar under the full moon and surround the jar with crystals, charms, or herbs that match your intention. You can also draw sigils on the jar to help focus your energy and intention. The colour of the jar can also help, for example a green jar would help with things like prosperity and a pink jar would help with self-love and relationships.
  3. Leave your jar overnight.
  4. Your moon water is ready to use!

Some uses for moon water:

  1. Add moon water to your tea or coffee (please use bottled or filtered water if you intend to ingest it.) This is a simple way to add more magick to your daily routine if youโ€™re tight on time!
  2. Water your plants with it!
  3. Add to your bathwater for ritual baths.
  4. Wash your crystals and altar tools with it! (please research your crystals and make sure they can come into contact with water. For example, selenite would dissolve, calcite can fade and hematite can rust.)
  5. Wash your hands with the water before casting spells/rituals.
  6. Add to potions/elixirs.
  7. Use on your altar to represent the element of water.
  8. Create essential oil perfume.
  9. Create an aura cleansing spray. Add it to a spray bottle and spray your aura every morning to cleanse your energy before starting your day.
  10. Use it in magickal floor washes.
  11. Place a jar or bowl of moon water on your altar to amplify your intentions.
  12. Use for facial steams or add to your aromatherapy diffuser, add different essential oils to match your intentions, for example, add some rose or lavender to help with self-love.
  13. Cook with it. Infuse soups and other magickal recipes (please use bottled or filtered water if you intend to ingest it.)

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