Negativity Reflection Spell

If you feel affected by negative energy being sent your way, here’s a quick and easy fix to send that energy right back to its source! 🌙✨

Take a bowl of water and drop a cleansed, clear quartz crystal into it – wait for the water to still.

Gaze into the water at the crystal and say:

“Evil which has come to me
Turn back from thy course
I reflect your energy
And return thee
Right back to thy source”

Visualise the quartz absorbing the reflective power of the water for as long as it takes for the crystal to feel sufficiently empowered. Remove the crystal and drink the crystal infused water. Imagine the crystal now, so reflective in its quality that it surrounds you in a huge reflective and protective bubble.

Carry the quartz with you if ever you are feeling under attack 💫

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