A Simple Spell to Overcome Anxiety

There are times when we have anxiety about a particular task we must perform, or an event we must attend, or a conversation we need to have – when there is something specific you feel anxious about, this is a useful spell for encouraging a positive outcome and a sense of calm confidence.

You will need:

• A White Candle
• Coriander
• Coltsfoot

Blend your coriander and coltsfoot together and state the following, while setting your intention:

“Anxiety has no hold on me
From over-thinking, I am set free
I will not harbour fear and doubt
Negativity, I cast thee out”

Place your white spell candle in a suitable holder, and encircle it with your magickal blend.

Light the candle.

Sit with the candle and feel a sense of calmness envelop you.
Be mindful of your breathing, and visualise only positive outcomes – if any negative thoughts sneak in, lovingly bat them away and replace them with a preferred outcome…smile knowing that your own positive energy will attract the same.

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