Preparing your Candles for Magick

Candle magick is a simple, yet powerful way to use the element of fire, to amplify or release energy, and set intentions.

How do you prepare your candles for magick?

There are many ways to prepare your candles for magick – it can be as simple as selecting the appropriate colour and setting your intentions, but there are ways you can add more potency to your magick; you can use any or all of the following techniques!

Setting intentions:

First you need to decide what your intention is. What is it that you hope to achieve?

Choosing a candle colour:

Depending on your intention, you can then choose what colour candle you will use – here are a few pointers:

  • Black: Protection, banishing, easing depression or fear.
  • Blue: Friendship, peace, creativity, independence.
  • Brown: Strength, healing, diplomacy.
  • Gold: Wealth, happiness, abundance,
  • Green: Health, abundance, success, good fortune.
  • Orange: Joy, charisma, creativity.
  • Pink: Love, self-love, romance, friendship.
  • Purple: Focus, insight, intuition.
  • Red: Love, sex, passion, vitality.
  • Silver: Respect, psychic ability, divination.
  • White: Calm, peace, wisdom (and can be a substitute for any other colour).
  • Yellow: Happiness, creativity, fun, kindness.

Inscribe your candle:

Take a sharp object and scratch into the surface of your candle, symbols, words, or sigils which represent your intent – focus your intent while doing this.

Anointing Oil:

Choose an appropriate essential oil for your intent and anoint your candle; Put the oil on your finger and swipe the oil onto the candle in one smooth motion towards your body. Visualize your wish coming toward you. Repeat until the entire candle has been coated in oil.

Dressing in herbs or crystal chips:

While the candle is still wet from the oil, you can roll it in appropriate herbs, spell powders (you can read about spell powders here) or crystals chips.

There are so many herbs and oils you can use – here are just a few examples:

  • Basil: Love, protection, wealth.
  • Bergamot: Love, success.
  • Chamomile: Love, purification, sleep, wealth.
  • Cinnamon: Wealth, protection.
  • Lavender: Happiness, peace, purification.
  • Neroli: Success, wealth.
  • Orange: Divination, love, luck.
  • Parsley: Protection, purification.
  • Patchouli: Fertility, lust, wealth.
  • Rosemary: Healing, protection, purification.
  • Rose: Healing, love, passion.
  • Vetiver: Grounding, protection, wisdom.

Once you have set your intention, chosen the perfect coloured candle and anointed and/or dressed your candle, it’s time to visualise your desires becoming a reality…then light the candle when you are feeling full of joy and gratitude for that positive outcome. 🙏🏼

Once the candle is lit, focus on the aura from the flame of the candle and visualise it growing, expanding, and becoming limitless, like a beacon sharing your desires with The Universe. You should allow the candle to burn all the way down, but if at any point you feel your energy dipping, it’s time to snuff out the candle with gratitude (don’t blow it out, since this can dissipate the energy of the spell).

As you can see, candle magick can be as simple as lighting a white candle, or anointing and dressing a specific candle using oils, herbs, spell powders, etc…so long as your powerful intention is there, and you believe and visualise the outcome, there is power in your Craft! ✨

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