Simple Knot Magick

As you think of (or meditate on) what spell you’d like to cast – firmly tie knots in the string as follows:

  • Knot one, the spell’s begun
  • Knot two, it will be true
  • Knot three, it shall be
  • Knot four, it is lore
  • Knot five, the magick’s alive
  • Knot six, the spell is fixed
  • Knot seven, chance I’ll leaven
  • Knot eight, my will is fate
  • Knot nine, it’s sealed in twine

So long as those knots stay firmly tied, your spell is alive – to break the spell, untie the knots.

Note: you can also tie other objects or ribbons into your knots (as pictured) to represent your intent, though this is not essential – your intent is the most important thing to weave into your knots!

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