Solar Magick

As we all know, lunar energy is often associated with powerful magick, but solar energy is just as potent! Not everyone connects with moon magick or night time rituals/spells, so if you feel more energised in the morning, or feel a stronger connection in the daylight, solar magick is for you. There are so many ways you can incorporate this powerful energy into your practice, here are just a few examples!

Sun Phases:

Much like the moon phases, the sun also goes through phases. Each phase is great for particular intentions!
Sunrise – New beginnings, finding the right path, making changes.
Morning – Growth, drawing positivity into your life, such as money, love, friendships. Great for courage.
Noon – Best time to charge your tools (altar items, crystals etc). Since the sun is the strongest and most powerful (be mindful that some crystals fade in sunlight.) Perfect time to really focus your intentions. 
Afternoon – Clarity, reflection, professional matters, focus.
Sunset – Breaking bad habits, alleviating depression and stress. Finding answers.


Place something on your altar space that represents the power of the sun to you. It could be something literal like a gold sun ornament, the sun tarot card, crystal, or anything you connect with!


Citrine – Sunstone – Amber – Garnet – Carnelian – Tiger’s Eye

Plants and Flowers:

Sunflowers – Rosemary – Marigolds – Citrus fruits (Lemons, Oranges etc) – Succulents – Chamomile


For those who can’t be as open about their practice, wearing a piece of jewellery with a crystal is the perfect way to stay connected to your magick while out and about. 

Sun water:

Simply place your water out in the sunlight to absorb the sun’s powerful energy. You can place this water on your altar, clean magickal tools with it before rituals, use it to wash your hands before spellwork (if the water is filtered and safe to use). There are many other possibilities! 


Meditating and doing yoga in the sunshine can bring a sense of calm and keep you grounded. Being connected with nature and feeling relaxed is really important.


Mirrors or reflective prisms/crystals are great to keep around your altar to reflect and amplify the sunlight.

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