Magick in Isolation

Ways to practice magick with nothing but intent!

The perfect way to continue your craft in times of isolation

We have received so many beautiful messages letting us know that our caskets are bringing some light during this time of isolation, and that has made us so happy! To see you all using your alone time to perform the spells and rituals we supply in our caskets has meant everything to us. ❤️

But that did get us thinking about those of you who may not be subscribed, and who may be unable to go the store – and how you all can practice magick even if you don’t have the luxury of having witchcraft supplies delivered to your door! 

So here are a few ways you can practice magick with nothing but the everyday things you can find in your home:

Stir up some magick! ☕️

When you are brewing up a hot drink, a soup, or something similar, you can infuse this with magickal intent. Stir counter-clockwise to banish (for example, to banish sickness, anxiety, depression etc.) and clockwise to attract (for example, to attract abundance, happiness, love, etc.)

Meditate to manifest! 🙏🏼

Take this quiet time to relax and meditate. Imagine the things you’d like to manifest already being yours – visualise them, feel the joy as if they were yours already. Give thanks to the universe for bringing you what you need. Feel it as it it’s real – manifest your dreams with your thoughts and intentions; then work for your goals, knowing the Universe will provide.

Bathe yourself in magick! 🛁

When showering or bathing, imagine the water cleansing not only your body, but your spirit too! Imagine and visualise the water washing away your insecurities, your doubts, your worries, and stresses and truly feel your cares washing away. Remember that you are part of this universe, and the universe is a part of you – and have total faith that the universe has your back.

Dress yourself in magick! 💫

This is just as simple as it sounds – as you dress imagine your clothes being layers of what you need, self-love, confidence, charisma – as you add each item of clothing, state your intent ‘wearing this gives me confidence’ etc. And feel it – the true magick of our craft lies in your intent and your belief. You can empower yourself even in doing the simplest of tasks – if you add your intention, and your belief.

There is magick in peace! 😌

Take that time for yourself – and don’t feel guilty about it. Recharging by reading, knitting, colouring, sitting in the garden, just resting…anything where you can absorb yourself in something away from your everyday stresses has hugely healing benefits. So please, don’t feel guilty for loving yourself – a loved soul is so much more productive and is ready to take on the world!

Dance, laugh, sing, be joyful! 🥳

A joyful soul attracts abundance. A positive person attracts positive things. Do whatever it is that makes your soul happy! Can’t sing? Who cares, no one is listening! Can’t dance? No one is watching – take this ‘you’ time to truly BE you!

Witch Casket is dedicated to helping people through this worrying time, and we are working hard to ensure our caskets keep delivering essential magickal supplies each month. We always guarantee everyone will receive every casket they pay for – though during this time we naturally expect some delay. We are so happy to see so many of you receiving your March caskets already – and we are busily working (in isolation and safety) on your April caskets. Until we ‘speak’ again, stay safe, healthy, and happy!

Deb & Ella 🌸

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