What IS a spell or ritual? And how do I do it?

A spell is a set of actions to bring about a desired result. 🙌✨

A ritual, similarly, is a set of actions to bring about a desired result, but can be more involved and can include creating a magickal ‘safe’ space (some call this casting a circle), calling on the elements, or any deities you work with, drawing energy from these, chanting, or dancing, etc. Once the ritual is over and your intentions set, you thank and dismiss any energies present before leaving your space. With rituals you tend to bring your own religious or spiritual beliefs into the magick. So, any spell can become a ritual, by incorporating your own personal spiritual practices.💗

A spell and a ritual are very similar, and there is no harm in referring to a spell as a ritual, or vice versa – I don’t believe we should get hung up on this, the outcome is the same regardless of how you refer to the magick – magick, is magick! ✨

Before performing any kind of magick, it is good to cleanse the sacred space where you’ll be working; and you can do this in several ways. Ringing a bell to dismiss negative energies, or burning an appropriate incense or resin, such as dragon’s blood, cedarwood, or frankincense, or spritzing the space with a cleansing spray (since not all of us (or our pets) can handle smoke).

Once your space is cleansed you are ready!

If you wish to cast a circle, you can do so, but since some religions do this differently to how I personally might do this, I will leave this here.

Spells and rituals can be as simple as carving sigils into a candle (for example, for love you might carve hearts into a pink candle – or for money, currency symbols into a green candle – and your sigils can be of your own making, anything that you feel puts your energy and intent into the candle) and then meditate as the candle burns – imagine the feeling you’ll have whenever your goal is manifested, feel grateful and thankful, and know your spell is already working, ✨

You might decide on a healing bath – and this can be an elaborate ceremony with music, and herbs, oils, crystals, candles, and meditation – or it could be a simple shower where you visualise and feel your everyday shower gel washing away your aches, pains, and worries. We all have very different lifestyles and some of us are working with limited resources and time, so know that your intent and belief are all important.  

Charm bags are a handy way to carry magick with you and can be created very easily using appropriate herbs, oils, crystals, and amulets. 

Carrying a simple crystal with you is another effortless, yet powerful tool. For example, if you have a test or exam, carry fluorite as you study to help you retain information!

Listen, you can put your magick into literally ANYTHING – are you feeling anxious today? Sit with your pendant and meditate – put your intent into it ‘This pendant will empower me and fill me with confidence’; believe it. Then wear the pendant – and if you start to feel anxiety creep in, clutch your pendant and feel your own magickal energy easing your anxiety. Truly, you just cast a spell with nothing but a pendant and your own energy! The most important thing of all is your belief in your own power. ❤️

You can put your boots on in a morning and repeat the affirmation, “Every step I take in these boots today will be a confident step toward my goals” and sure enough, it will be!

When making a drink, tincture, potion, broth etc. – if you want to banish something (let’s say you have a cold or sickness you’d like to get rid of) stir the drink counter-clockwise and if you are trying to manifest something (maybe you want to attract love, or happiness) you stir clockwise – so even a standard cup of tea or coffee can be magick!

As you can see, witches put their magickal energy into a lot of seemingly mundane things – not every spell is a pile of herbs, a pestle and mortar, or bubbling cauldron – for us modern witches, we are casting spells on the fly daily!

Your magickal practice is as unique as you are – so be inventive, and empower yourself, and cast your spells in whatever way works for you! 🥰

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