I am having problems subscribing via PayPal, can you help?

Please contact us through our contact page, and we’ll do all we can to find a solution and get your subscription up and running!

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we ship our magickal Caskets all around the world!

When will I receive my Casket?

  • Caskets are shipped between 14th – 17th of every month!
  • U.K. Caskets are sent via Royal Mail Tracked Service and usually take 2-5 business days to arrive.
  • International Caskets are sent via Royal Mail International Tracked and the Royal Mail states these will take 3-5 business days to Europe and 5-7 business days to the rest of the world…from experience we know that deliveries can take anywhere from one – six weeks, depending on location. Although they have been known to take far less!
  • In almost all cases where caskets are reported missing, they can actually be found by calling your local sorting office where they are being held before being returned to us. Please do call them, before you contact us to report missing caskets. Thanks!
  • If you sign up on or after the 15th of the month, you will start to receive caskets from the following month onwards.

What day of the month will my monthly payment leave my account?

Payments are processed by Paypal at the same time each month. If you sign up on the 2nd of the month, for example, the 2nd becomes your regular payment date.

What if my payment fails?

When PayPal attempts to process a payment without success, they automatically try again 5 days later – and one final time, five days after that. So long as one of those payments processes (even if this is after our cut-off of the 15th), you will still receive your Casket – and there is no need to re-subscribe. If after three attempts, your payment fails to process, your subscription is automatically cancelled, and you would need to subscribe again to continue receiving Caskets.

Do I need to subscribe every month?

No, once you are subscribed, your subscription will process automatically each month (on whatever date you chose to subscribe), guaranteeing you all future Caskets unless you decide to cancel.

I haven't received my Casket and another payment has been processed?

If you subscribe on, or just after the 15th of the month – because we ship on the 15th of each month, and it can take a few days (up to three weeks for international customers, and in rare cases, even longer) for your Casket to reach you, your next payment could be processed before you’ve received the previous month’s Casket – but be assured that your Casket is already mailed and on it’s way, and that you will always receive every Casket you have paid for.

I would like to change my payment date, what can I do?

In order to change the date your payment leaves your account each month, you’d have to unsubscribe and then resubscribe on the date you’d like your payments to leave your account.

I would like to change my mailing address, how do I do that?

You can change your address by emailing us. Since we begin to prepare mailing labels and Caskets ten days prior to shipping, we request that you inform us of any address change before the 5th – after the 5th, your mailing label may have already been processed and submitted to the Royal Mail, making it impossible to change it before that month’s Casket ships. In these instances, it will be the subscriber’s responsibility to contact their sorting office and have it diverted to their new address. Thanks!

What happens if I am not home when my Casket is delivered?

  • When a delivery attempt is made and no one is home, the Caskets are taken to your local sorting office and a card is left to let you know. Eventually, the Casket is returned to us marked ‘unclaimed’..and this is becoming a real problem
  • Often, by the time we receive the Caskets back here, we have already issued a replacement because the subscriber has reported it missing.
  • So this is just a reminder to always collect your Caskets from your local sorting offices rather than reporting them as lost, it causes us a huge amount of admin and expense mailing out replacements for Caskets that aren’t actually missing
  • We will ALWAYS ensure that our subscribers receive every Casket they pay for, and we appreciate you all making this as easy for us as possible!

How do I unsubscribe?

If you were logged in to PayPal when you subscribed, you can cancel your Witch Casket subscription by clicking here to unsubscribe (you will be able to come back to our site and subscribe again at any time). If you checked out as a guest, or require any assistance with this, please email info@witchcasket.co.uk

Could I get a refund please?

It is the responsibility of the subscriber to cancel their subscription before their monthly payment is processed. It is not our policy to issue refunds where the subscriber has failed to cancel their subscription in good time. Cancelling can be done easily by clicking the ‘unsubscribe’ button above (also on our contact page) – and if you need any help with this, please email us at least three working days before your payment is due to be processed so we can help you. You can see our full refund policy on our Terms & Conditions page.

Will I be charged customs?

  • If you are ordering from a country outside of the UK, it is possible that there may be customs fees/import duty (this is rare, but it can happen). The buyer is responsible for any charges imposed by their country. If you’re outside the UK, please research how much you may be charged for handling/VAT/duty etc before subscribing!
  • If a Casket is returned to us without our authorisation, or if it is refused by the recipient (for any reason, including an unwillingness to pay any customs charges that may have been applied, which are out of our control) then any refund given will be minus our cost of postage, and minus a £6 handling fee.

I am not receiving your emails.

Remember to add ‘info@witchcasket.co.uk’ into your ‘safe senders’ list on your email, since we have been made aware that lots of our emails are finding their way into people’s junk folders!

Are the products in your Caskets cruelty free/vegan friendly?

We are very careful to select products that are not tested on animals. Furthermore, as of 17th January 2017 – we went completely vegan friendly!

Are the products in your Caskets ethically sourced?

  • Of course! We take extreme care to source our products ethically and in a way that causes as little harm as possible to our earth.
  • We always check with our suppliers that our products are cruelty free, ethically sourced, and vegan friendly.

Are your Caskets themed each month?

The Caskets are curated carefully so that all the contents tie in beautifully with each other – so they do have a loose ‘theme’ running through them, but rest assured each Casket has a broad appeal and is never too ‘niche’.

Do your Caskets follow any particular religion?

No. Witch Casket is a magickal casket aimed at those who believe in magick – that’s all. They are not specific to Wiccans, or any other religious path. We know there are witches of ALL religions and it is important to us that our Caskets are inclusive.

Are your Caskets delivered discreetly?

Yes! Our branded boxes are hidden away in plain biodegradable mailers for their journey. No one will know what magickal contents are contained within!

Can I purchase just one Casket?

Yes, and it’s easy! Simply subscribe and then you can immediately unsubscribe (that’s done simply via Paypal at your end, or by sending us a message and we’ll unsubscribe for you!) that way you will only be charged for the one Casket you’ve just paid for, and no more…unless of course you choose to re-subscribe at a later date. You can subscribe and unsubscribe as often as you need to!

Can I purchase past Caskets?

No – once each month’s Witch Casket has shipped, that’s it. We decided not to sell past Caskets because we feel it’s important that each Casket feels special and exclusive to those who were subscribed at the time! We do however have an exclusive store where our subscribers can purchase individual past Casket items while stocks last.

How do I access your store?

The store is password protected – current subscribers will receive a password in their shipping notification email on the day their Casket is shipped – that password will be valid for one month. A new password will be sent for each month for as long as you are subscribed.

Is every past Casket item available in your store?

No, we have many items in the store – but all in limited quantities and once they’re gone, they’re gone!

I subscribed but did not receive a confirmation email, is something wrong?

That’s okay – our Casket Care Team sends welcome emails as your subscription is processed during office hours – in the meantime, you should have your confirmation receipt from PayPal.

Please get in touch with any further questions